14 September–20 October 2019 Preview: Friday 13 September 6.30–8.30pm

Offer for Sale is an exhibition that looks at John Latham’s conceptual understanding of art and economics shaped by his involvement in the Artist Placement Group. Central to the exhibition is a reconstruction of the previously lost seminal work Offer for Sale (1974).

Offer for Sale is a radical proposal, a financial report detailing the activities of the Artist Placement Group and presented to the Arts Council on the occasion of the 1971–72 Hayward Gallery exhibition inn7o – Art & Economics. It was then represented for exhibition as a display structure at The Gallery, London in 1974 with the support of the then artist-directors, Nicholas Wegner and Vaughan Grylls.

Using original archival documents and artworks, this exhibition contextualises this artwork within Latham’s understanding of economics including exposition on the alternative to pound sterling ‘unit of attention’ Latham designated as ‘delta’ (Δ).


Image: John Latham, diagram from Δt and the relevance to ‘the economy’ by our noit correspondent from inn70, records of an exhibition located in the period 1970/1971 and culminating at the Hayward Gallery, organised by Artist Placement Group and printed by courtesy of Studio International  



Thursday 19 September 7–9pm

A panel discussion hosted by curator Esther Moerdler considering how artists are responding to the anthropocene, both within their work and by engaging with industry. More information to follow.


Thursday 10 October 7–9pm

Artists and directors of The Gallery (1973–1978), Nicolas Wegner and Vaughan Grylls discuss the development of the space and how Latham’s Offer for Sale typified the innovation of that period.


Saturday 19 October 11am–4pm

A one day event, publication launch and archive screening focusing on contemporary artists’ engagement with the Five Sisters’ Bings and specifically Latham's approach to site from above as manifested in his 1975–76 APG placement with the Scottish Development Office. With contributions from Joy Sleeman, Katherine Jackson, Nicky Bird and Onya McCausland. More information to follow. Free but booking essential, please book through eventbrite here.

This exhibition coincides with the culmination of the Incidental Unit’s Incidental Futures touring programme which through 2019 has explored the ongoing relevance of the APG’s ways of working at meetings at organisations throughout the UK. On Friday 13 September a study day will explore historical examples of Artist Placement Group to consider how these experiments anticipated key challenges presently facing art, artists, the worlds of art and beyond. On Saturday 14 September, a curated assembly will convene contemporary practices inspired Artist Placement Group. Activated by their artist practitioners, each instance will highlight the long-term impact of the Artist Placement Group on cultural production across the UK. For more information click here.

The Gallery (1973–1978) was formed by artist Nicolas Wegner at his studio in Lisson Street, London and presented over 40 projects including exhibitions with Vaughan Grylls, John Latham, John A. Walker, Rita Donagh, Gerald Newman, Stephen Willats, Tony Rothon and Jonathan Miles. In partnership with Vaughan Grylls in 1974-75 The Gallery exhibited companies H. Stoll and Co., Reuitlingen Germany, Hasselblad Cameras and, in 1976, Artforum Magazine NYC.

The Artist Placement Group (APG) was conceived by the artist Barbara Steveni in 1965 with the original concept of expanding the reach of art and artists into commercial and industrial concerns, government agencies and organisations of all kinds, at all levels, including decision-making, and on a basis equivalent to any other engaged specialist. Its founding artists were Barry Flanagan, David Hall, John Latham, Anna Ridley and Jeffrey Shaw. APG became a Company Limited by guarantee as the Artist Placement Group in 1970.

Original showcard for John Latham 'Offer for Sale' presented at The Gallery in 1974 (OFFER FOR SALE 5)

Original showcard for John Latham 'Offer for Sale' presented at The Gallery in 1974