The Bad Vibes Club Presents...

The Bad Vibes Club Presents...


Flat Time House is hosting The Bad Vibes Club in 2017-18, a forum for research into negative states, founded by Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau in 2014. From April to June 2018 the group have programmed a series of events to take place at FTHo.

Events include artists' film screening and discussion, critical discussion, live action role playing, a dinner event, and the launch of the Bad Vibes Club's new publication. Upcoming events are with Sophie Mallett, Hamish Macpherson & Adam James, Beth Bramich & Kathryn Siegel, Residence Kitchen and the Bad Vibes Club.All events free, but places are limited.

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upcoming events



Live listening and screening session

Thursday 26th April 7-9:30pm


Hamish MacPherson and Adam James - 'Have you come here to play Jesus?'

A LARP written by Masha Bugayova, Zhenja Karachun, Olga Rudak and Nastassia Sinitsyna

Saturday 5th May, 1-5:30pm


Beth Bramich/Kathryn Siegel - Love, Labour, Loss

A screening programme of feminist film on the theme of affective and reproductive labour

17th May, 7-9:30pm


Residence Kitchen

A recurring, scored, hosted space for approaching problems of Residence

Friday 1st June 7-10pm



Thursday 7th June, 6-9pm

Come and join The Bad Vibes Club to celebrate the end of their season of events at Flat Time House, and the launch of their publication the Feeling Bad Reader.


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