‘doing your homework – eating your dinner – drawing a picture’

Saturday 18 January 2020 4.30–9pm (Food: 6–8pm)


An event hosted by the Constellations group 2019/20. Includes a screening of films from the London Community Video Archive introduced by Ed Webb-Ingall, a meal for participants and a publication launch.


Free but booking essential, please book through Eventbrite here.

Image: Flat Time House exquisite corpse by Constellations 2019/20 (‘doing your homework – eating your dinner – drawing a picture’ 0)

Image: Flat Time House exquisite corpse by Constellations 2019/20

Children from Belham Primary, the school opposite Flat Time House, recently visited John Latham’s studio home. In explaining Latham’s thinking to the group, Curator/Director Gareth Bell-Jones focused on how, to an eight year old, each of the rooms of the house relates to different states of being: rational, instinctive and intuitive; ‘ doing your homework – eating your dinner – drawing a picture’

We’ve decided to follow the same approach.

Marking the end of ten months working together, we will be considering modes of collaboration in relation to public and private space within the context of FTHo as both a living sculpture and a domestic setting. Films from the London Community Video Archive will be screened, a communal meal served, and a publication, launched on the day, dealing with themes of public/private, the domestic and socially engaged practice, will be assembled. Ed Webb-Ingall of the LCVA will introduce the archive.

Contributions by Amanda Ramasawmy, Angharad Davies, Dunya Kalantery, Edwin Mingard, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Katie Fiore, Mai Omer and Miki Holloway.

London Community Video Archive Screening Programme

  • 17:30 Inter-Action Creative Games (22:43) (with introduction from Mai Omer)

  • 18:30 All you need is an excuse (11:02) (with introduction from Dunya Kalantery)

  • 19:30  Battle for Powis Square (21:44) (with introduction from Ed Webb-Ingall and Edwin Mingard)

  • 20:30 All Work and No Pay (30:45) (with introduction from Amanda Ramasawmy)

London Community Video Archive

Based at Goldsmiths, University of London, the London Community Video Archive preserves, archives and shares community videos made in the 1970s/80s in London and the South East. With an overriding commitment to social empowerment and to combating exclusion, 'Community Video' dealt with issues which still have a contemporary resonance — housing, play-space, discrimination, youth arts. http://www.the-lcva.co.uk

Constellations is UP Projects and Flat Time House’s annual artist development programme for artists based in the UK. The programme supports artists interested in socio-political issues, community-oriented practice or public contexts to refine existing approaches, or propose new models for collaboration and co-creation.