Trivial BBQ

Friday 24 April, 6.30–8.30pm

Rafaela Lopez and Baptiste Masson present Trivial BBQ.

Trivial BBQ is a project by artists Rafaela Lopez and Baptiste Masson for Flat Time House, in collaboration with graphic designer Virginie Diner.

During a short residence in summer 2014, Rafaela Lopez and Baptiste Masson built a sculptural barbecue in the garden of Flat Time House. Designed to be used for events hosted at FTHo and by the artists in residence, the sculpture is intended to be both functional and social, drawing on the pre-history of the barbecue as the first method of cooking and its central place in the development of societies and cultures.

With a Camembert shape rotating grill, the sculpture brings together different forms of and styles barbecue from around the world: a wall of "pierre sèche" from the south of France; clay from the Indian Tandoor; a piece of shopping trolly from the streets and imitation bricks from suburban extensions.

 (Trivial BBQ 1)
 (Trivial BBQ 2)

To celebrate the start of a new barbecue season FTHo will host a meal and launch the limited edition Trivial BBQ Publication, with both available for free to the first 50 guests.

Designed as a festive and open event, the meal offers a medley of recipes from  around the world. The form of the sculpture and its swivel grill will allow everyone to participate in cooking, gathering a community around the fire.

Trivial BBQ Publication illustrates in a didactic way the universal aspect of the barbecue. Adopting a format between a road map and a restaurant menu, with an entirely hand-made graphic design and school project aesthetic, Trivial BBQ Publication offers an anecdotal world tour of the barbecue across history and cultures.