We May be Ready to Have Verbal Intercourse is a live production reading group lead by the artist Anna Barham for a small group of participants. In Barham's reading groups, meaning proliferates from the physical surface of language - the sound, rhythm & cadence of the voice - recalling John Latham’s use of language in the work THE.

For this reading group, Barham will use text from Latham’s Object Lectures and other writings as source material to be processed through the participants’ readings and speech recognition software. Slipping from version to version, syntax and meaning ebb and flow in the unpunctuated blocks output by the computer so that each reader must ‘re-author’ the text in order to perform it. The work extends Barham’s concerns with the subjectivities created as language passes between different bodies and technologies.

Booking required. Reserve a place here

Anna Barham, We may be ready to have verbal intercourse (trailer), 2017 (Anna Barham | We May be Ready to Have Verbal Intercourse  0)

Anna Barham, We may be ready to have verbal intercourse (trailer), 2017


Anna Barham lives and works in London. Recent commissions include Playground Festival, Museum M, Leuven (2016); Art Sheffield (2016); Centre Pompidou, Paris (2015); fig-2, ICA London (2015); and Hayward Gallery (2014). Her work has been included in exhibitions at Kunst-Werke, Berlin, the Wellcome Collection, London (both 2016); KM- Graz, Eastside Projects, Birmingham; Open Source Festival, London; Rotterdam Film Festival (all 2015); and in previous years at Turner Contemporary, Margate; FRAC Lorraine, Metz; MARCO, Vigo; MHKA, Antwerp; Le Plateau / Frac Ile de France, Paris; ICA and Tate Modern London.