Julika Gittner is currently undertaking a long-term residency with Flat Time House and Southwark Council Planning Department. Julika will be observing planning processes with a particular focus on regeneration and the ‘designing out’ of so-called anti-social activities. She will be looking at how abstract political decisions translate into physical realities in public spaces through a process involving meetings, workshops, and objects.

Julika Gittner is an artist and an architect. She uses sculpture, performance and video in her art practice and works as an independent curator. Her curatorial/art practice explores the critical function of display by creating spatial confrontations of art works with non-art audiences and non-art spaces. These works aim at exposing the difference between cultural reflection and social reality. Her architectural practice explores the social role of architecture, particularly in relation to cultural institutions.

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17th July, Estate Action Day, 12–5pm
18th July, Big Lunch, Poppy Day Picnic, 12–5pm

Julika Gittner will celebrate the historic and ongoing mural at Brayard’s Estate Peckham as part of the Brayards Estate festival on 17–18 July.

The mural is the product of an incidental collaboration between Southwark council's anti-graffiti team and anonymous 'vandals'. The 300m long mural consists of a combination of individual messages and tags scratched into the bricks of the estate's walls over several decades and patches of Southwark council’s anti-graffiti paint.

Julika Gittner will set up a stall with sculptures that function as tools to take prints of the mural. People are invited to make clay prints and plaster casts to document and take away a piece of the mural.

The project is part of Julika's residency at Flat Time House and Southwark Council’s planning department.

Brayards Estate
Firbank Road
SE15 2BZ 

(nearest station Queens Road Peckham)

Julika’s residency began with her one-day workshop Common Enemies, held at Flat Time House in August 2014. More information can be found here.

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