FTHo is at the foreground of experimental art education and a place where students and a wider public can come to test the boundaries of what is teachable and knowable. Latham rejected traditional forms of learning and believed that the truth could not be taught. FTHo’s educational activities embody Latham’s ideas to teach the un-teachable, both by demonstrating their un-teachability and by presenting different ways of thinking about knowledge, education and artistic practice and the relative values of each of these things.





LAW SHIFTERS - Workshop for Teenagers

LAW SHIFTERS - Workshop for Teenagers

Saturday 12 May, 2-4pm


The workshop is aimed at those aged 13-18 years

Spaces are limited and booking is required. Click here to book a place.


How would you rewrite the laws in your country so that they would be fairer? Flat Time House presents for the first time in London a project by Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen. Law Shifters engages young citizens in law and democracy by giving them the chance to re-judge real court cases and write new law proposals.

Join this workshop for teenagers led by artist Stine Marie Jacobsen and experienced lawyer Sarah Andrew to apply this methodology to UK criminal law, the stop and search law (Sus Law) and racial profiling.





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