Common enemies: Led by Julika Gittner

Saturday 23 August 11am–5pm

'Nothing brings people closer than a common enemy’

This one-day workshop will discuss the contradictions of defining anti-social behaviour and speculate on the potential for common enemies to polarise and strengthen social groups.

 (Common enemies: Led by Julika Gittner 0)

A key ambition of current regeneration agendas is the design of spaces that prevent or discourage so called anti-social activities, in order to create cohesive and ‘happy’ communities. A substantial amount of public money is spent on eradicating physical elements that encourage or permit what is seen as deviant behaviour.

Workshop participants will investigate how conflicting interests manifest themselves spatially in the city. Participants will collect examples of anti-social behaviour in public spaces through writing and drawing as well as creating a map of their findings that will be distributed locally.

The workshop and its findings will be the basis of Julika Gittner’s long-term residency with Flat Time House and Southwark’s planning department.

This event is free however booking is essential.

 (Common enemies: Led by Julika Gittner 2)
 (Common enemies: Led by Julika Gittner 3)