NOIT is a creative journal published by Flat Time House Institute (FTHo) and Camberwell Press. Comprising new writing and visual contributions with each issue edited by a guest editor, NOIT explores the theoretical concerns and art work of John Latham, and their continued relevance. The title NOIT is a term Latham created by reversing the suffix ‘-tion’ which converts verbs into abstract nouns to challenge the process of turning events and actions into things. It is the sign of an activity that ‘defies its own definition by denying the validity of any given definition’.

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Comprised of new writing and visual contributions, NOIT will explore the theoretical concerns and artwork of John Latham, and their continued relevance. 

The inaugural issue of NOIT is guest edited by Antony Hudek with contributions from:

Steven Ball, Simon Gould, Clive Phillpot, Bill Harpe, Jurgen Harten, Gustavo Grandal Montero, Rolf Sachsse, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Jakob Jakobsen, Joy Sleeman, William Cobbing, Roger Coward, John-Paul & Jenny Latham, Claire Louise Staunton, John A. Walker, Jo Melvin, Neal White, Lucy Lippard, Felicity Sparrow, David Harding, Juan Cruz, Athanasios Velios, Patrick Keiller, David Toop, Nicholas Logsdail, Donald Smith, Jane England, Noa Latham, Helen Reed & Hannah Jickling, Guy Brett, John Stezaker, Elisa Kay, Jane England (on behalf of Albert Herbert), Foster Spragge, Bea McMahon, Penelope Curtis, Barbara Steveni, Anna Ridley, Garth Evans, Jane Rolo, Andrew Dipper, David Hall, Nicholas Tresilian & John Hill

Bolex camera and tripod set up for the making of Encyclopedia Britannica, Lisson Gallery, 1970 (NOIT – 1 3)

Bolex camera and tripod set up for the making of Encyclopedia Britannica, Lisson Gallery, 1970

Please find Antony Hudek's introduction to NOIT – 1, JL Time-Based Portraits here.

NOIT – 2 will be available in May 2014 and is to be guest edited by Lisa Le Feuvre

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