Dr Sinclair's Drawer

October 2014

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Dr Sinclair's Drawer. 

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The exhibition was produced by Book Works and Flat Time House with artist Katrina Palmer following her residency in Summer 2013, and featuring work by Katrina Palmer, Francesco Pedraglio, Samuel Hasler and Sarah Tripp, it comprised writing, sound recordings, video, sculpture and printed matter, presented in conversation with the physical and symbolic environment of John Latham’s former home and studio.

The book features extracts from The Fabricators Tale (Katrina Palmer, Books Works, 2014),O, A Prayer Book (Samuel Hasler, Book Works, 2014), On Hearing My Name (Sarah Tripp, Book Works, 2014) andA man in a room spray-painting a fly... (or at least trying to...)(Francesco Pedraglio, Book Works, 2014).

Produced by Book Works and Flat Time House.

Designed by Modern Activity.