Sharon Kivland

23 December 2020

Flat Time House is pleased to host “ ” for the launch of their new publication featuring Becky Beasley in conversation with Claire Scanlon. “ ” #3: Becky Beasley / Claire Scanlon is available as a free download via the Flat Time House website throughout the winter months of 2020/21 and will be accompanied by responses from writers including Sharon Kivland, Susan Morris, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, and Jessica Potter over the course of several weeks, constituting a cumulative slow launch as a deliberate tactic of decompression. Please click here for more information

Sharon Kivland is an artist and writer (she has been called a poet, to her surprise). She is also an editor and publisher, the latter under the imprint MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE. She is working on the natural form, editing the letters sent to her by the psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan over the many years of their turbulent love affair, and trying to finish her novel Abécédaire.