11 March 2021


Jessica Potter


‘– Umbels are a family of mass and masses — formed umbels held on stalks reaching up with aromatic lightness to the sky — a gentle trembling of tiny petals formed in relation — shimmering and staring straight upwards — they spread and hold their flowers for bees and insects breathing fresh aromatic scent into the spring atmosphere. Some are delicious and some are deadly — their common names warning of the dangers of touch or consumption — Hemlock — horror.

Cow parsley – GENTLE and common. Gracing hedgerow and curbside — one of the early ones to illuminate the vegetation. Umbels reach out — white, crisp, and fresh. A meter high or so — growing to the height a hand can brush against easily — enabling the eye to look down on the constellation.’


Jessica Potter’s response to Beasley and Scanlon’s conversation comes in the form of a video and photos documenting her practice: an obsession, a ramble, a fixation with the plant family of umbillifers (cow parsley, celery, carrot, chervil, coriander, dill, fennel, parsnip and so on). It’s all there, somewhere, in her pencil’s scratching movements across the paper, capturing each petal on each busy cluster: the conditions, structures, memories of our time; references to the thoughts of others; the lockdowns, the lack of sleep, the careers, the gardening, our immunity, winter, spring, Instagram, nightmares, children, all those things we need to talk about but we can’t bear to talk about anymore. What is left to say? 

Flat Time House is pleased to host “ ” for the launch of their new publication featuring Becky Beasley in conversation with Claire Scanlon. “ ” #3: Becky Beasley / Claire Scanlon is available as a free download via the Flat Time House website throughout the winter months of 2020/21 and will be accompanied by responses from writers including Sharon Kivland, Susan Morris, Joseph Noonan-Ganley, and Jessica Potter over the course of several weeks, constituting a cumulative slow launch as a deliberate tactic of decompression. Please click here for more information

Jessica Potter is an artist who lives and works in Kent. She completed her PhD, The Photograph as a Site of Writing in the Photography department at the RCA in 2013. Her practice spans drawing, writing and photography. Her research interests lie in considering questions of commonality alongside processes of description and encounter found in phenomenological thinking and writing. 

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