A conversation around experimental education, its histories and current incarnations

Image taken from imagetoevent.tumblr.com (NOIT SCHOOL: MENTAL FURNITURE INDUSTRY 0)

Image taken from imagetoevent.tumblr.com

As part of the current exhibition, Flat Time House is hosting a NOIT School to discuss the legacies of the three 1960s educational experiments presented in the show, the Hornsey Sit-in, The Anti-University of London and Alexander Trocchi's sigma project, as well as their relationship to contemporary alternative education models and university occupations.

There will be short presentations from Sam Thorne, Elena Crippa and Federico Campagna looking at some historical examples of, and contemporary approaches to, re-imagining education. This will be follow by informal, open discussion.

As part of the NOIT School there will be a screening of the Hornsey documentary Our Live Experiment is Worth More Than 3,000 Textbooks (1969 dir. John Goldschmidt).

Flat Time House will also be presenting the results of an image conversation and collaborative writing project between students of UCL's Slade School of Art and History of Art department. The project aims to find common ground between the practices of art and art history through by building relationships of text and image. The project has been made possible thanks to a development grant from University College London.

Space is limited and booking for the NOIT School is essential. Please email [email protected]