Wednesday 30 October 4–8pm Barbican, Life Rewired Hub, Silk St, Barbican, London EC2Y 8DS

Constellations invites you to take part in three unique workshops taking place as part of the Life Rewired season at the Barbican. Through collaboration, co-creation and peer-to-peer learning methodologies, each workshop explores the implications of an accelerated, networked lifestyle on human relations. All sessions are free and advance booking is recommended. 


Photo: Mark Blower

Workout body

4–5pm (please click here to book)

A set of literary and visual provocations focusing on collaborative actions, their raison d’être and potential outcomes. Through these provocations, we invite participants to reflect on the differing group dynamics present in their lives, and to create fictional or realistic narratives of their own. 

100% sleep: I’ve let the data giants into my private life and now I track my dreams through electricity

5.30–6.30pm (please click here to book)

The digital is now so embedded in our lives, from our relationships to our routines and physical environment, that logging off has become a radical act, and ‘off-time’ a space of collective intimacy. Join us for a series of activities that explore our experience of physical civic space and our interactions within it in the Digital Age.

Show me the face of your digital voice

7–8pm  (please click here to book)

From virtual assistants to supermarket checkouts, the digital voice is embedded in our cities. But who does it belong to, who does it speak for and what imprint does it leave on us? We’ll listen together in this practical workshop, to test the strategies of these machines.

All workshops take place at the Life Rewired Hub, Level G at the Barbican Centre, Silk Street, London, EC2Y 8DS 

Constellations is UP Projects and Flat Time House’s annual artist development programme for artists based in the UK. The programme supports artists interested in socio-political issues, community-oriented practice or public contexts to refine existing approaches, or propose new models for collaboration and co-creation.

Presented and curated by UP Projects, in partnership with Flat Time House.


Constellations artists 2019–20: Amanda Ramasawmy, Angharad Davies, Dunya Kalantery, Edwin Mingard, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Katie Fiore, Mai Omer and Miki Holloway

Throughout 2019 The Barbican is investigating the impact of the pace and extent of technological change on our culture and society, looking at how we can grasp and respond to the seismic shifts these advances will bring about.

Life Rewired will interrogate how artists are responding to a time when technology is simultaneously enhancing our lives and challenging our identity by creating machines with human characteristics. It will explore how scientific breakthroughs can affect us at every stage of our life; from expert and first-person perspectives on IVF to the personal and societal impact of lengthening life expectancy. 

The season will demonstrate how artists are finding imaginative ways to communicate the human impact of unprecedented technological shifts, as well as finding creative new uses for artificial intelligence, big data, algorithms and virtual reality.


Barbican Centre
Silk Street, London