This workshop will act as an introduction to the process of editing in relation to artists’ books, covering questions relating to both writing and images, collaborative writing practices, rules and protocol, grammar and the spoken word, as well as the more nitty-gritty issues regarding collating texts, images, captions, and proofing.

Francesco Pedraglio, 'A man in a room spray-painting a fly... (or at least trying to...)' (WHY EDIT? APPROACHES TO EDITING IN INDEPENDENT ART PUBLISHING 0)

Francesco Pedraglio, 'A man in a room spray-painting a fly... (or at least trying to...)'

Led by Francesco Pedraglio, whose most recent book A man in a room spray-painting a fly... (or at least trying to...) is published by Book Works, 2014, and Gavin Everall, Editor and Marketing Manager, Book Works, the workshop will consist of an introduction, followed by a series of exercises, which looks at the idea of ‘performativity’ as an essential part of the process of writing, gathering, editing, and different solutions to ‘editing’ texts together. Participants will be asked to prepare something in advance, and during the workshop. The workshop will finish with a discussion about this process and leave time for any further questions.

The workshop is designed to be suitable for anyone (artists, writers, curators, or designers etc.,) who is interested in the process of writing, editing or publishing and self-publishing artists' books, whether in printed form or for digital platforms. We welcome participants who are engaged in, and question this process and we will examine the problems and rewards involved.

For further information about this workshop please see here.

Each workshop is limited to 8 people, selected on a first come first served basis and costs £25 per person payable in advance.

To book a place, please contact Gavin Everall, [email protected], and include a brief sentence or two on what you hope to get out of the workshop.