Residence Kitchen
Jonathan Hoskins and Susannah Worth

Wednesday 30 May 6-10pm

Places are £10. To book a place and for more detailed information email [email protected]

Residence Kitchen is a project started by Jonathan Hoskins and Susannah Worth last year. It's an ongoing, non-regular events series for working (and eating) through problems of organising, including empowering introversion. Each event is 'scored': Jonathan and Susannah plan things (centred on food) that will be going on over the course of each event, to make it a space ripe for tackling these problems. They're keen for the project to be a space where people with these common concerns can come together repeatedly, over time, towards a more cumulative understanding than just one event can allow. 

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Residence Kitchen at Flat Time House: 

There will be a kitchen, not a dining room. It will be organised for the sake of working out how best to organise. There will be pauses but they won’t be uncomfortable. There will be ways to work together, and to work alone. We’ll plant ingredients to make the food better next time, using bad tools that make it last as long as we want. There’ll be writing about the things we’re doing, but it won’t be as good as doing it. There will be deceleration before we begin.

Places are £10 and payment must be made before the event. To book your place or get in touch if you have any questions about the event including dietary requirements, please email [email protected], which will need to be done before the event. The £10 covers all food and drinks, so you won't need to bring anything with you. Because of the event's scoring, everyone will need to arrive between 6pm and 6.30pm and leave between 9.30pm and 10pm. If you'd like to come but £10 is a bit much, we will have a couple of free places available from 25th May, so please email us from 12 noon that day if you'd like one of these places.

Jonathan has been concerned with questions around organising in his practice for several years, and Susannah has produced a book and many practical projects on 'the recipe' as a form within visual art so, in one sense, Residence Kitchen is a project to combine these two long-term interests, to see how each can extend the other.

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