Between 1973 and 1978 artist Nicholas Wegner presented a succession of seminal exhibitions at his studio in Lisson Street, London. Under the banner of ‘The Gallery’, these projects confronted current trends in the art world, including Performance, Body, Land and Theoretical art. As well as working with artists including John Latham, Rita Donagh, Gerald Newman and Stephen Willats, The Gallery also, more originally, exhibited companies including German manufacturers H. Stoll and Co., Hasselblad Cameras and Artforum Magazine.

A partnership with artist Vaughan Grylls between 1974 and 1975 resulted in a series of exhibitions utilising modular display units and with a distinct graphic identity. This included the re-working of John Latham’s Offer for Sale, a typically radical proposal in a series that also included socio-political subjects such as Drug Abuse in Maine and Belfast In Art.

This event coincided with the exhibition Offer for Sale 14 September–20 October 2019