Please join us in the kitchen of Flat Time House for a reading group centred on Sophie Lewis's recently-published book, Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family. In her revolutionary text, Lewis departs from Marxist feminism's dream of full reproductive automation, arguing for solidarity with gestation workers. Dismantling the rhetoric of the anti-surrogacy movement, Lewis proposes that surrogacy, in its exceptional status as a global capital stream, object of (re)legislation, and overt feminisation, presents the starting point for a renewed utopian communism. 

Over five sessions, we will study a chapter of Full Surrogacy Now alongside a supplementary text; our aim, to fantasise about alternative models of queer kinship opened up by Lewis's critical project.

The group is open to all, but due to limited space we can only accommodate 12 comrades. Reading materials will be distributed ahead of each session via email. Please sign up on Eventbrite.

Organisers: Louisa Lee & Tom Hastings

Microscopic photograph of fetal membrane (“There is, I know, a gestational commune —and I want to live in it…”  1)

Microscopic photograph of fetal membrane